11 04, 2015

Sony MDR-7506 iPhone Mod for Detachable Cables

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After a lot of research, screw turning, and soldering, I'm excited to share the Sony MDR-7506 iPhone mod with you. Let's back up a little bit to explain why I made these headphones iPhone-compatible. To me, "Beats" is a bad word. Dr. Dre wants you to believe that a bass-heavy mix is the best way to hear "all" of your music. As a semi-pro a/v engineer, I have to tell you that he's so incredibly wrong. When listening to music, the "correct" sound is the sound the artist originally intended. During [...]

25 02, 2015

Best Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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I recently purchased some nice headphones for riding the bus. I really like them, but this review isn’t about headphones. The amount of ink people spill covering headphones should cause you pause. In reality, most of it comes down to preference. As much as I love my headphones, I discovered their fatal flaw when I tried to use them at work. For just about any pair of good headphones, if your connection isn’t a high quality source, you’ll notice it. When I connected my headphones to the generic w [...]