House DividedI would like to pose a simple question for debate that has no roots in the Democratic or Republican Party, as I claim no affiliation. I consider myself an educated voter that simply examines the issues, chooses the right path, and votes accordingly. In the coming months, I will redefine my political affiliation by sharing my ideal vision: a new voice for the political world. As I work towards that, I will ask challenging questions to gauge the receptiveness of the population to various political issues. Here is the first one:

Would our nation be more sustainable if we split into two separate countries?

I ask this question not because I want to start a war, cause problems or even hope that it comes true. I want to know if such change is possible and what it would look like. Would one nation be Republican, the other Democrat, or would we end up with a completely new political system that we have yet to explore? How would the two (or more) nations divide the current debt? Would one side end up with all of the rich, the other the poor? Would the education systems be different?

If it were possible to create two separate nations that provide obvious solutions to the political rift, would you support it?

Now that you know my initial questions, I would love to hear yours. This is bound to create conflict and I reserve the right to moderate all comments, edit, or delete them as necessary to maintain a positive direction for the conversation. In the next paragraphs, I will explain where all of these questions originated and why I am not convinced that a shift in our political system could even fix the larger problems our nation faces.

I, unfortunately, am consistently the victim of my acquaintances’ ignorant views on both sides of the political spectrum. People I grew up with spew their political bias all over Facebook and Twitter with blatant disregard to how it affects the people who read it. In all honesty, I have muted most of these people because they actually destroy the community I want from my social interactions. If you came here from Facebook or Twitter, it is even possible that I have muted you.

I mute anyone I find offensive on Facebook and Twitter, but here are the typical personalities I will not tolerate. Raging atheists, who see no reason for God, mock those who believe and blame Christianity, guns, and the 1% for their troubles. I also turn off anyone who shoves their judgmental faith down my throat, bashes homosexuals, and says that Obama is a Muslim determined to take away their freedom. I started using a phrase a while ago that expresses the pain these people cause my brain: “The stupid burns.” I found it difficult to believe that educated people could associate themselves with either end of that spectrum. I genuinely hoped that this stupidity was correctable with logic and reasoning. After many attempts, I found that these people either do not have the intelligence to entertain reason or simply enjoy basking in their own ignorance.

One of the common themes I saw before another round of muting acquaintances was their desire to secede from the United States after Obama won the 2012 election. Ironically, these requests only came from people in southern states. Not long after the election, their peers petitioned the White House to allow their state secession. Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas all successfully petitioned a response from the White House. Instead of supporting their call for secession, the administration’s response encouraged unity and participation in government.

While that was certainly the politically correct response, why deny them the opportunity? “Sure, go ahead and try to work it out.” I doubt it would get very far… and if it did, there would be many people against it. If it actually happened, we would probably see some people migrate north and others head south. It would create a moral and geographical division of extremists while leaving the moderates to choose the lesser of two evils based on the newly modified/formed governments.

Would that be so bad? I honestly could not be more disgusted with our current political system and I doubt very much that it will correct itself any time soon. Extremists increase polarity in our nation’s politics every day. That could very well lead to a bitter end for the United States, as we know it. It is painfully obvious that the current members of congress would rather encourage our nation’s demise than reach a compromise to help our struggling economy. We, the people, will certainly feel the effect of their irresponsibility for years to come.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Lincoln’s statement still holds true. This government’s inability to compromise will tear our nation apart. Instead of slowly destroying everything, could splitting our nation in two actually increase the chance of its peoples’ survival?

Josh Carr
Josh founded eciov in 2008 and has overseen it's evolution into a lifestyle site. He enjoys all things digital, art, music, creativity -- anything that can evoke emotion. If he's not working on this site or at his day job as a UX Engineer, he's out riding his motorcycle or jumping his truck on trails in the mountains.
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