Politerian Episode 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Politerian podcast: a new podcast dedicated to intelligent discussion of political issues. In this episode, Josh Carr, Jon Ruth, and Andy Ottoson discuss the Syrian Chemical Weapons and how they potentially affect the American people. We also discuss the possibility of putting more boots on the ground in the Middle East.

Our hosts, Josh, Jon and Andy, are very opinionated realists that love to debate politics. While none of them are politicians, they still keep up with the current issues and never get tired of chowing down on the latest political drama. Jon is our resident liberal and Andy is our resident conservative. Josh gets to play moderator and sifts through the trash to come up with intelligent topics for our listeners. We’ll never talk about a link-bait topic. We’re here to be your filter from the biased stupidity in the world of politics.

As we move forward with the podcast, we’ll cover the most important topics each week, have interviews with analysts and politicians alike, Q&A from our listeners, etc. We want your feedback. Sure, we’re doing this show because we love the attention, but we’re also doing it for you. If we mess up, we expect you to tell us. If you want us to answer a question, ask it. Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Episode 1 – Syrian Chemical Weapons Show Notes

Syrian Civil War History – Wikipedia has a great summary of the Syrian war. We highly recommend it.

Vladimir Putin’s OpEd – A New York Times opinion piece about the US involvement in Syria.

President Obama’s ABC Interview – Washington D.C. likes to “grade on style.”

Framework for Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons – The State Department document that outlines the removal of Syria’s chemical weapons.


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