This is the third episode of GG, our gaming podcast here at eciov. In this episode, Sean and Josh talk about Blizzard’s attempt at a League of Legends competitor: Heroes of the Storm. Haha, get it? Storm. Blizzard. So creative, guys… guys? It’s currently in beta, but Sean’s first impressions were good. Once the game is officially available, we’ll revisit it and maybe record a session of Sean showing Josh how to play a MOBA game. Josh’s FPS days are numbered.

We also discuss the gaming world’s transition to microtransactions. Josh hates them, but Sean is largely in favor of rewarding developers for their work. It’s an ongoing debate, but it’s impossible to avoid microtransactions within gaming right now. Many developers are moving that direction because it’s a proven method to increase the profit of a game.

Next, we discuss Elder Scrolls Online and its transition to free-to-play (funded my microtransactions, of course). Sean and Josh are both excited to get back into the ESO world and are generally reserving judgment of the new format until its launch date: March 17. That gives us all a month to remember to download the game so we can log in at midnight… and crash the servers.

Lastly, we briefly discuss Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. While similar in gameplay to the Arkham series, it does a great job with the mechanics and the lore from Tolkien’s world. If you actually pay attention to the story instead of mashing buttons and killing orcs, you’ll find yourself drawn into Josh’s favorite game of 2014. P.S. The graphics are stunning.

Our hosts, Sean and Josh, both work in the tech industry and spend way too much of their time playing games. From consoles to tabletop, they’re interested in all genres of gaming. Josh’s first video game was Pitfall! from the Atari 2600 first released in 1982. Sean’s first game was Duck Hunt on the NES first released in 1985. Apparently, Josh’s parents were cooler than Sean’s… or less responsible. Hard to say.

As we move forward with the podcast, we’ll cover a wide range of gaming topics, bring other gamers in for interviews, and do some Q&A from our listeners. We want your feedback. Sure, we’re doing this show because we love gaming, but we’re also here to entertain you. If we mess up, we want you to tell us. If you have a question, ask it. Feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll get back to you.

Episode 3 – Heroic Shadow of the Elder Storm Show Notes

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Heroes of the Storm — HOS is Blizzard’s new entry into the MOBA genre.

MOBA — Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

Warcraft 3 — Blizzard’s initial entry into the MOBA world… sort of. That required a specific mod called DOTA. Read more about Warcraft here.

DOTA — Defense of the Ancients was originally a Warcraft 3 mod.

DOTA 2 — A standalone sequel to the original DOTA mod. Developed by Valve Corporation.

Microtransaction — A microtransaction involves paying real world money for in-game content.

Elder Scrolls Online — A relatively new MMORPG that is going free-to-play on March 17, 2015.

ESO F2P FAQ — A list of frequently asked questions about the F2P transition.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor — A new FPS based on Tolkien’s world and lore.

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