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Thanks for checking out the second episode of Battery Life, our new technology podcast. In this episode Jason and Josh talk about Valve’s rumored entry into the console gaming market: the Steam Box. While much of the information is just rumors, we will theoretically hear some more news about the Steam Box next week. That’s why we decided to cover the device now so we could compare the current information with what actually shows up later. The Steam Box may have several iterations, so it’s hard to know exactly what’s going to end up coming to the consumer. We discuss all the possibilities in the podcast.

We also talk about the Ghost Apps available on the App Store. Some iOS developers aren’t happy that Apple is now letting people with older iOS software download unsupported versions of old Apps. With so many unknowns at this point, developers are getting restless. Will they be able to fix issues with their “Ghost Apps” or will they be locked out of the old binaries like they’ve always been?

Our hosts, Jason and Josh, both work in the technology industry. Jason is a software developer and Josh primarily deals with hardware. While polar opposites in their operating systems of choice, they both live with a skeptical eye and don’t hold back the praise or criticism for any technology company.

As we move forward with the podcast, we’ll cover a wide range of technology-based topic, bring people in for interviews, and do some Q&A from our listeners. We want your feedback. Sure, we’re doing this show because we love technology, but we’re also here to entertain you. If we mess up, we want you to tell us. If you have a question, ask it. Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Episode 2 – Steam Box Show Notes

Steam Box – Everything you could possibly want to know about the Steam Box… except none of it may be true.

Ghost Apps – Information from Kyle Richter on the changes in the App Store.

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