This is the third episode of Battery Life, our new technology podcast. In this episode Wyatt and Josh talk about Amazon’s newest tablet: the Kindle Fire HDX. While they’re only available for pre-order at the moment, Amazon has given us all of the information we need to know to make a buying decision. If it weren’t for the rumored iPad update coming soon, we would’ve ordered one of the 7-inch tablets already. We’re expecting this to sell like crazy, especially if Apple doesn’t put a retina display in the next version of the iPad mini. There’s so much good technology in the HDX… must… resist… buying…

Our second topic of the podcast is the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 – we haven’t been that impressed with Microsoft’s hardware offering just yet. We’re also not sure that this second edition is really going to change anything for us. Wyatt and Josh both fail to see the need for an ultra-thin laptop that acts like a tablet. For tablet activities, you’re better off with an iPad. For laptop activities, you’re better off with a MacBook Air. We have a hard time really getting behind this device, but we think it does have some innovative tablet concepts like the blade attachments. Listen to our Surface 2 discussion for on that.

As for Apple’s iBeacons, the technology wasn’t featured very well in either Keynote but it seems to be what some tech writers are most excited about. The possibilities of this low power Bluetooth technology are virtually limitless. Major League Baseball has already signed-on for location-based statistics and other data delivered directly to your iPhone when you enter a ballpark. That’s cool. You can also save a lot of time setting up an Apple TV just by bumping it with your iPhone. We seriously cannot find any public-facing documentation for the iBeacons technology on Apple’s website… maybe it’s just too early in the game for them to really promote it; we’re just not sure.

Our hosts, Wyatt and Josh, both work in the technology industry. Wyatt work as a network engineer at a charter school and has an awesome following on YouTube. Josh owns a tech repair company that fixes phones, tablets and computers. They both live with a skeptical eye and don’t hold back the praise or criticism for any technology company.

As we move forward with the podcast, we’ll cover a wide range of technology-based topic, bring people in for interviews, and do some Q&A from our listeners. We want your feedback. Sure, we’re doing this show because we love technology, but we’re also here to entertain you. If we mess up, we want you to tell us. If you have a question, ask it. Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Episode 3 – Kindle Fire HDX Show Notes

Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch – Amazon’s product listing for the 7-inch HDX where you can find all of the tech specs we discussed.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch – Amazon’s product listing for the 8.9-inch HDX where you can find all of the tech specs for the larger tablet.

Kindle Fire HDX Video Review – This is a video review from the Verge who had a chance to play with a pre-release device for a few days.

Everything You Need to Know about the Surface 2 – A Digital Trends article that covers the second generation devices.

Surface Music Blade – One of the Surface attachments that Microsoft specifically designed for music.

Surprisingly, Apple doesn’t have any public-facing documentation for iBeacons. Sad panda.

Apple TV iBeacons Support Article – This is the only mention of the technology we can find anywhere on Apple’s website.

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