5 03, 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer 3 – Pure Awesome

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Avengers Age of Ultron – the only movie that could make more money than Star Wars in 2015 – launched its third trailer yesterday. It’s the best one to date. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s no better way to spend two minutes of your day. I proudly admit to watching it no less than a dozen times myself. Here you go: What makes this trailer so great and better than it’s predecessors? It all boils down to story. Enter Joss Whedon; he’s the mastermind behind the first Avengers movie and many ot [...]

11 02, 2015

Confession: I Love My Apple TV

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You may recall that in a previous life I wrote for the now-deceased TUAW. In 2009, I wrote a short diatribe detailing my hatred for the Apple TV. At this point, the Apple TV was 2 1/2 years old, and I had struggled with it for about a year. If my memory is correct, that piece grew to be one of the most popular things I ever wrote; clearly, the frustration resonated with many others. I don’t say this to toot my own horn but rather to calibrate your understanding of how bad the Apple TV really was [...]

27 12, 2011

The Help, Computers & Sci-Fi Phenomena

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My wife and I just finished watching 'The Help' this evening... and through a mixture of other events, I couldn't help but correlate the story with our current revolution: technology.  While it was a heartwarming movie that I'd recommend watching, that's not the focus of this article.  Let's throw a little Sci-Fi into the mix and see what happens. While it may seem petty at the moment, if our technological abilities keep doubling themselves every two years (read about Moore's Law), we could pote [...]