22 05, 2013

Xbox One Leaves the Door Open for Innovation

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I've been following the Xbox One press very closely over the last two days. Why would an Apple guy care about the Xbox One? Honestly, it's because gaming on the Mac doesn't compete with the console. I've never been a fan of the PlayStation controller, so I've been a die-hard Xbox guy since the first Xbox hit my doorstep in 2001. I’m not going to get into which console is better or why I don’t game on the Mac; I’m just going to cover the current state of turmoil in the console gaming business. We [...]

11 03, 2013

Tomb Raider 2013 thoughts from Sean Caspian

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A good friend of eciov -- Sean Caspian -- wrote a quick review of the recent Tomb Raider 2013 release. In short, the absolutely stunning gameplay and unique mechanics make it a completely new experience for the gamers of world. He and I both love it. Since he took the time to write up his initial thoughts, I'll link to him and spare you the similarities. However, I will have a full write-up once I have enough time to finish the game. I'm only five hours in and haven't seen a game this good in a [...]

21 03, 2011

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD for iPad

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This game brings unadulterated racing to the App Store.  It's available for iOS and Mac devices in their respective App Stores.  I picked up this title because it was one of the original games to optimize their graphics for the iPad 2.  I bought the iPad; I might as well use it, right?  We downloaded this and the new version of Infinity Blade (review coming soon) so we could put the graphics to the test.  They didn't disappoint.  I loved the gameplay and the design from the first minute I had wi [...]

21 03, 2011

Penguin Airborne: universal time waster

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I just discovered Penguin Airborne a couple weeks ago and I've been killing time with it ever since.  It's a great time waster that works on all iOS devices running 3.0 or later.  The goal of the game is to work your way up the military ranks by being the best penguin paratrooper.  Each rank consists of four rounds.  Each round eliminates the penguin that landed last.  Ultimately, you have to figure out the best timing to open your parachute so you're not last... but if you open it to late, your [...]

28 12, 2010

World of Goo comes to the iPad

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If you’ve missed out on the amazing game that is World of Goo, now would be the best possible time to snag it for your brand spanking new iPad that you received this holiday season. If you didn’t just get one, hopefully you’ve had one. If you don’t have one at all, we’re sorry… it really is awesome for casual gamers. We’ve been completely addicted to World of Goo on the iPad since it came out, so we figured we’d toss a quick review into the inte [...]

26 07, 2010

New desktops and Starcraft 2 on their way this Tuesday **Updated**

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iMac and Mac Pro supplies are running low at the Apple Stores and Starcraft 2 is coming on Tuesday.  Tuesday could be the best day since the Steam release for the Mac Gamers in the audience.  The iMacs are well overdue for an internal upgrade... not a re-design, just a spec bump.  The Mac Pros... well, they're running dangerously old processor generations that has put them pretty far below the bar for power users.  We're hoping to see a complete re-design of the Mac Pro since it (and it's predec [...]

19 05, 2010

Game Center isn’t coming in iPhone OS 4.0

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We're pretty sure that this hasn't been addressed by the mass media just yet, so we thought we'd fill you in. OpenFeint and Plus+ have some hope for prolonged existence: Apple's latest release notes explain that Game Center is not coming to iPhone OS 4 when it's released. The software is merely there for developers to try it, test it and critique it. It specifically says in the release notes to play with it, but don't submit any apps that support it on iPhone OS 4.0. There's even a little blip a [...]

14 05, 2010

The cake is a lie: Steam comes to the Mac

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If you consider yourself a gamer and a Mac user, your world became instantaneously better on Wednesday. Valve officially released the Steam client for Mac. Through today, you can actually get Portal for free. Portal is Valve's unique and challenging first-person puzzel shooter: it's a great way to introduce yourself to the Steam platform. We spent a couple hours and hammered our way through Portal so we could get back to our achievements. Most of the more modern games have been updated with Clou [...]

9 03, 2010

Steamy hotness you can’t resist

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No, it's not anything above PG... it's the fact that Valve is officially bringing their Steam platform to the Mac in April (in beta). They've also acknowledged that every new Valve game will release simultaneously on the Mac and PC. We've already voiced our opinions about this transition in previous posts but here's a quick recap. Steam will be the first major game distribution platform to come to the Mac. It currently dominates the PC gaming world. Games like Half Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 De [...]

3 03, 2010

Let the Steamy speculation begin

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Great news for the Mac gaming world today... Valve has scattered images around the mac blogosphere teasing us with Mac-like artwork with a caption that says "In anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve." This. Is. Huge. We talked about the possibility of a Mac version of Steam (Valve's distribution platform) last week. We didn't have much go on, just a few Mac user interface pictures within the latest beta version of Steam. Today, Valve threw caution to the wind and gave us all images [...]

25 02, 2010

Steam: coming to a Mac near you… eventually.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Steam, it's a game distribution platform that has revolutionized the way PC users purchase, play and share games. Each user has an account that can be accessed from any machine, and thus you can play any of your games on any machine. By machine, we mean PC. The titles are always current, and the Steam platform streamlines the shopping process for you. I've actually purchased games I had never seen at the store because they were featured on Steam and they [...]

19 02, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies shuffles to the iPhone

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PopCap finally has brought its most recent popular title to the iPhone: Plants vs. Zombies. It’s not your mother’s tower defense strategy game; it’s a completely new variant of the style, which sends waves of zombies to your door — they want to eat your brains. Defend your home by placing 49 different plants. The game also boasts 29 different zombies. From pole vaulters to Michael Jackson, they can come at you fast or slow, so be ready. This game is probably one of the [...]

14 02, 2009

Mafia Live! Family Codes

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  So yeah... remember our post about the game Mafia Live!?  I've been browsing around and it appears to be accepted practice to spread your family codes around online.  I've found lists and lists of them all over the place.  So, I thought I'd start one for all of the CTA readers that we have out there. Here's mine:   649-998-556 Feel free to add me to your family.  I'm at level 33 and growing.  Be sure to leave your family code in the comments so other people can add you too! [...]

7 02, 2009

App Store Games – Light Bike

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To be honest, I wish I could give the game a better rating, but I spent a whole 5 minutes playing the game and got ridiculously bored. Not my type of game, but let me explain a little bit more about it so that you can form your own opinion. The gameplay is simple. You're riding a bike that leaves a colored trail behind you everywhere you went. There are 3 opponents that also leave trails. You must avoid their trails and leave yours in places where they'll be forced to run into it. 3 bikes must r [...]

5 02, 2009

App Store Games – Mafia LIVE!

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For all of the MMO players out there, I have a new app for you.  Aftershock innovations has a new game out call Mafia LIVE!  It has a limited story-line but I find the gameplay to be very addictive.  You start out the game without family, friends or any extras.  You have to complete jobs and compete with other mafia families to make money and advance through the levels.  If you have friends with iPhones, encouraging them to play will net you both some extra advantages.  Be sure you send them an [...]