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11 04, 2015

Sony MDR-7506 iPhone Mod for Detachable Cables

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After a lot of research, screw turning, and soldering, I'm excited to share the Sony MDR-7506 iPhone mod with you. Let's back up a little bit to explain why I made these headphones iPhone-compatible. To me, "Beats" is a bad word. Dr. Dre wants you to believe that a bass-heavy mix is the best way to hear "all" of your music. As a semi-pro a/v engineer, I have to tell you that he's so incredibly wrong. When listening to music, the "correct" sound is the sound the artist originally intended. During [...]

16 02, 2015

Best Moldable Rubber for Fixers

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Without making this a manifesto for the "fixer movement," I wanted to share one of my favorite materials with you: moldable rubber. More so, I wanted to show you the best moldable rubber for fixing stuff. Why would anyone want moldable rubber, and how does it help me fix anything? Personally, I've found endless uses for this putty-like material including reinforcing charger cables, mounting USB ports in a truck console, custom-fitting a screwdriver, repairing headphones, etc. I keep a bunch of t [...]