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Ryan is a bassist and is reduced to single syllable words when hunger strikes. When he's not playing bass, he's probably not playing bass.
6 03, 2015

The Confession of a Chipotle Addict

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It’s 8:10 PM, and a certain foodie already ate dinner. It was a lovely seasoned chicken breast sautéed with some herbs in olive oil, coupled with a sensible and healthy side of rice and green beans. Balancing this seemingly healthy meal was a small bowl of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream. Okay, maybe balancing isn’t the right word. You might think this is enough to satisfy a normal 30-year-old adult male, but you’d probably be wrong. You’re overlooking a very important detail. This adult h [...]

1 03, 2015

Reimagining Dragons with Smoke and Mirrors

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For those who know me, this first review might come as a bit of a surprise. Do not be alarmed; I did it willingly. As mentioned previously, I will be alternating between American mainstream, international, and local acts. When it comes to American mainstream, it’s hard to find a band that is larger than Imagine Dragons. Their debut studio album, Night Visions, saw incredible success at 1.4 million albums sold. If you haven’t heard the single “Radioactive,” there’s a great chance you either live [...]

14 02, 2015

#DaftPunKonsole – Are You Daft, Punk?

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My name is Andy. I'm a robot built to make music better with my persistence, speed, and strength. I do this by working harder than all puny humans work; my work is never truly over. In my travels, I came across a pathetic duo of humans posing as robots. They created terrible music. I challenged them to a duel knowing full well that I would win... and win I did. Unfortunately, they recorded my whole performance and claimed it as their own. Since robots can't file a DMCA claim -- humans are notori [...]

10 02, 2015

Overtures, Epics, Herding Cats – The Mind of Ryan Sloan

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Welcome to my altered state of reality. Don’t worry; there are no purple skies, random giant penguins, or dogs on bicycles. The dogs just drive trucks and cook hamsters. The world you’re about to enter is the direct result of replacing Ritalin with Mountain Dew, chlorine for a wrestling mat, and Michael Jackson for Metallica. My Name is Ryan Sloan. I specialize in all things music, wrestling, and burritos. For the purposes of eciov, however, I will focus on the amazing world of music. You will f [...]