SNL 40 was one of my most anticipated television events of the last month. I’m excited to say that the show was epic on all levels. Minus a few directorial snafus, the show had an amazing mix of old and new cast members, popular hosts, and musical guests. I’ve been a fan of the show forever. I haven’t been around for all 40 years, but I’ve seen almost every episode thanks to the invention of reruns. If you were wondering about the 3.5-hour length, it’s worth every minute if you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live. The SNL 40 special covered most of the popular classics from its 40-year history and brought back some of the best hosts and musical guests. If you missed it, rumors say that it’ll be available on NBC’s site as early as tomorrow.

The best moments of SNL 40

It seems like everyone is doing a best-of list for the episode. I’m not. I’m just going to tell you to watch it if you haven’t. For those of you who did, you probably can’t get the image of Betty White and Bradley Cooper out of your head. What did you think about Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler’s song about breaking character? I’m still wondering why Lorne decided to bring Miley Cyrus and Kanye West on as the musical guests… aren’t they the outcasts of the music community at this point? Even still, there was something comforting about Melissa McCarthy’s Matt Foley impression and Tina Fey with Amy Poehler behind the weekend update desk.

Did SNL 40 disappoint? No way. Some people say their generation’s cast of SNL was the “best.” I disagree. Every cast is different, and all of them are funny. I appreciate all 40 years and recognize the genius each cast brings to the show. Watch it. Love it. Here’s to 40 more years of the best live show on television.

Josh Carr
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