Well then, that happened. Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was so intense, I can’t even directly mention it in the title or here without first giving critical spoiler warnings. So, read on at your own peril for season 6 episode 3: “Sorry.”

No seriously, it’s your fault if you haven’t seen it. This post contains HUGE spoilers about The Walking Dead. You’ve been warned — 3…2…1…DEAD LIVE!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Glenn Rhees is dead — probably. By probably, I mean really… well, let’s look.

Glenn perished last week at the hands of a bumbling Nicholas. Part of the enormous zombie horde broke off and chased down Glenn and Nicholas. The episode was one of the most intense I’ve seen in a while. We’re still only on the first day of season six. This episode has Nicholas kill himself to avoid dying at the hands of zombies. Glenn tries to catch him. Both of them end up tumbling off a dumpster into the awaiting zombie grind machine. Then the whole world cries as it watches zombies rip Glenn’s entrails out of his body… or so we think. Did we really lose one of the most beloved characters of the whole series? Perhaps not; here are a few theories:

  • Nicholas or Glenn imagined the scene as a possible outcome depending on their choices.
  • Glenn actually escapes under Nicholas’ body; we saw Nicholas’ guts, not Glenn’s.
  • There is a magic sewer hole right below him; one of the Ninja Turtles scoops him up just in time.

While some of these theories have weight, here’s the real problem: from a storyline perspective, Glenn can’t live. His survival would invalidate a universe where we established this rule: characters actually die. No second chances. No matter what you think or how much you love them, dead is dead. Bringing Glenn back by saying it was all a dream or hallucination only brings doubt into this cold, brutal universe. Sorry guys, Jon Snow is gone too.

But the fans are angry – what about the fans? Show Runner Scott Gimple wrote to The Talking Dead. He told us that, one way or another, we’ll see Glenn again. We have an ever-so-slight hope. Maybe there’s a way out for our nimble hero.

Here’s my take on this: we’ll probably end up with a solid middle ground. Glenn’s screwed, but he’s not dead at this very moment. He’s torn up, bitten, and his fate is sealed, but he escapes to say goodbye to Maggie before he turns. This makes sense since another character in the same episode was trying to return to his wife before the infection spread… but he didn’t make it. I know the writers are cold hearted, but making this happen to two people is awful — even for them. If my theory is right, we’ll get the top-billing goodbye that Glenn deserves. The universe will remain in tact, and we’ll get to cry again this week as Maggie and Glenn share their final moments. It’s the circle of life, and we’ll all be back to watch next week.

What do you think actually happened? Make sure to leave a comment on the video or this post. Thanks for hanging with me!

Sean Caspian
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