Pelican Products, the makers of the finest hard cases around, just announced a partnership with TrekPak – a Colorado-based startup focused on organizing photography gear. The Pelican TrekPak partnership is awesome news for the growing Colorado startup community. TrekPak started as an idea in 2011, Kickstarted in 2012, and delivered their products to backers that same year. That’s becoming a rarity in the world of failed Kickstarters. Thankfully, TrekPak’s Founder and CEO, Georgia Hoyer, has unyielding drive and perseverance. She’s surrounded herself with a great team that makes phenomenal products. It was only a matter of time before Pelican took notice.

Pelican TrekPak Partnership

Pelican TrekPak PartnershipWhile TrekPak has other partnerships, the Pelican TrekPak partnership will prove to be their most substantial to date. Since we first saw TrekPak’s divider system in a backpack in 2011, we knew it was destined for Pelican products. Pelican makes great cases that are the choice of most professional photographers. Unfortunately, organizing your gear in a Pelican has always been a crapshoot. That’s why Hoyer’s TrekPak adds tremendous value to Pelican. The Pelican TrekPak partnership will make it easier for Pelican’s customers to get the best organizers in the best cases. Pelican will sell TrekPak as a configuration for six classic Pelican cases: 1510TP, 1550TP, 1560TP, 1600TP, 1610TP, and 1650TP. We expect this partnership to benefit both companies greatly. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“We are pleased to partner with TrekPak, a company whose divider systems match Pelican’s high standards of durability and quality, “said Kevin Murphy, Pelican Products, Senior Director of Marketing – Commercial/Government Division. “Our customers have trusted us to protect their sensitive equipment for years. TrekPak solutions will provide Pelican case owners with a whole new level of organization and security for their valuable items.”

We’d like to offer hardy congratulations to Hoyer, and the rest of the TrekPak team. It’s cliché to say that they’ve made it, but they literally made a product that turned into a thriving business. We hope that TrekPak’s success will generate more buzz about the Colorado startup industry. We do great things here.

Here at eciov, we love Colorado – we also love startups. If you’re part of a Colorado startup, we’d love to hear your pitch. Hit the @ link in the sidebar and tell us about your company. If we like it, we’ll tell our readers about you. We’ve been covering TrekPak since the beginning. We’d love to share more stories like theirs.

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