I’m judging you every time you text me. I don’t actually care much, but there are plenty of people on Twitter who judge others based on the color of their texts. This is silly, right? Why would the color of my texts matter? Apparently, it means everything to some iPhone owners. They’re absolutely appalled when someone sends them a green bubble. People hate green bubbles. If you don’t believe me, do a quick search on Twitter for “green bubbles.” You’ll see tweets like this:

People hate green bubbles

So, what is it with the green bubbles? Yes, some people hate green bubbles, but it really seems like they hate that you’re different from them. I’ll never say that classism is as big an issue as racism, but it’s obviously a problem. These green bubble haters are judging people just because they don’t have iPhones. If you are friends with a non-iPhone user, you’ve probably judged them too. I know I’ve been guilty of green bubble judgment. I’ve even put pressure on people — in public — to get a real phone so I didn’t have to see their green bubbles. I didn’t really think about the connotations; I thought I was being funny. When you see other people doing it, it’s not nearly as funny.

These people hate green bubbles, sure, but they’re really saying that green bubbles aren’t good enough. Based on the long list of anti-green bubble tweets I read, I’d say that some men and women determine someone’s worth by the color of their bubbles. You don’t have an iPhone, so you must not be a suitable date. You don’t have an iPhone, so I can’t trust you. You don’t have an iPhone so, your texts cost me money. Those are the most popular comments made by blue bubblers.

As much as I hate to admit this is true, it’s something we should all think about. People with green bubbles aren’t necessarily bad people, broke, stupid, or whatever people say on Twitter. The iPhone isn’t for everyone. I couldn’t imagine my life stuck with Android, but there are certainly people who prefer it (or, gasp, Windows Phone). Next time you judge someone with green bubbles, think about how petty you are… and then crack a joke about their green bubbles.

Image by Jarno via flickr

Josh Carr
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