14 02, 2015

#DaftPunKonsole – Are You Daft, Punk?

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My name is Andy. I'm a robot built to make music better with my persistence, speed, and strength. I do this by working harder than all puny humans work; my work is never truly over. In my travels, I came across a pathetic duo of humans posing as robots. They created terrible music. I challenged them to a duel knowing full well that I would win... and win I did. Unfortunately, they recorded my whole performance and claimed it as their own. Since robots can't file a DMCA claim -- humans are notori [...]

13 02, 2015

Debunk – The Apple Van Will Never Happen

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Chalk this one up to the stupidity of "analysts." I hate this rumor, so I'm putting it to death with this post. There isn't now, nor will there ever be, an Apple van or any automobile -- electric or otherwise. Let's think about the source of this rumor. It's an email commenter, who supposedly works for Apple, tipping off one of the most worthless business websites online. Why are we listening? I'm being harsh... deliberately. Normally, I leave rumor debunking to Chris Rawson at TUAW, but we all [...]

12 02, 2015

People Hate Green Bubbles – The New Class Discriminator

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I'm judging you every time you text me. I don't actually care much, but there are plenty of people on Twitter who judge others based on the color of their texts. This is silly, right? Why would the color of my texts matter? Apparently, it means everything to some iPhone owners. They're absolutely appalled when someone sends them a green bubble. People hate green bubbles. If you don't believe me, do a quick search on Twitter for "green bubbles." You'll see tweets like this: If I'm texting you [...]

11 02, 2015

Confession: I Love My Apple TV

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You may recall that in a previous life I wrote for the now-deceased TUAW. In 2009, I wrote a short diatribe detailing my hatred for the Apple TV. At this point, the Apple TV was 2 1/2 years old, and I had struggled with it for about a year. If my memory is correct, that piece grew to be one of the most popular things I ever wrote; clearly, the frustration resonated with many others. I don’t say this to toot my own horn but rather to calibrate your understanding of how bad the Apple TV really was [...]

10 02, 2015

Overtures, Epics, Herding Cats – The Mind of Ryan Sloan

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Welcome to my altered state of reality. Don’t worry; there are no purple skies, random giant penguins, or dogs on bicycles. The dogs just drive trucks and cook hamsters. The world you’re about to enter is the direct result of replacing Ritalin with Mountain Dew, chlorine for a wrestling mat, and Michael Jackson for Metallica. My Name is Ryan Sloan. I specialize in all things music, wrestling, and burritos. For the purposes of eciov, however, I will focus on the amazing world of music. You will f [...]

9 02, 2015

Gamer Girls Inspire Me

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Gamer girls. The term sounds innocuous enough... until I say it to a gamer. You’ll likely then be on the receiving end of either diatribe – gamer girls are fake or male gamers are misogynists. Both arguments ironically lead to one thing: the marginalization of people who play video games. I usually ignore the drama of this cesspool debate and quickly move on to better, more civil content. That's when I found this lovely illustration. To me, this tattoo (I’m calling it a tattoo because someone ne [...]

9 02, 2015

Pentatonix Grammy Win is Groundbreaking

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[amazon template=amazon embed&asin=B00KR62ZUA]After tonight's Grammy win, I suspect Pentatonix will become a household name. They're not for everyone, but no musician can deny their talent. I've been watching them for years. The world first saw them in NBC's The Sing-Off Season 3. The five members met a day before the initial auditions and never performed together in public before the first show. I watched every episode just to see what they would arrange next. Pentatonix was miles ahead of [...]

8 02, 2015

Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free to Play March 17

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I've been out of the Elder Scrolls loop lately, but I got an email today saying that Elder Scrolls Online goes free to play on March 17. After the initial purchase of the game, all the main content is available without a monthly subscription. I've always been a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series. The character progression within the world of Skyrim was amazing; it's still one of my all-time favorite games. Naturally, I was excited to hear that Bethesda (and Zenimax) was publishing an MMORPG fo [...]

6 02, 2015

I Was Told There’d Be Fish

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Honestly, I hate fish and pretty much all types of seafood. I'm more of a "groundfood" kind of guy -- you know the stuff, it either grew out of or walked on top of the ground. Yeah, that's my jam. I also like jam and I suppose that qualifies as groundfood because it's either made from some fresh fruit or (and probably more likely) made from corn syrup and other stuff like artificial flavors. Anyways, back to the fish. I was told there'd be fish. Josh didn't actually tell me there would be any fi [...]

31 01, 2015

So Long, TUAW, and Thanks for All the Fish; Introducing the New eciov.

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It seems like forever ago that I suspended activity on the Cocoa Touch Apps blog to write for TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog). I was a young, ex-Genius, tech geek who thought that TUAW would be a great place to write, and it was... at least when I joined in mid-2009. We had a community that was funny, caring, and extremely geeky. Five years later, I found myself back at TUAW writing app reviews and Op-Eds, but the community felt very different. It felt like a faceless, corporate entity and it [...]

2 10, 2014

Apple’s Software Problems Disappoint

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I'm quite tired of seeing bloggers excuse Apple's software problems as simple mistakes anyone could make. Major bugs -- show-stopping bugs that cripple the primary use of the hardware -- are unacceptable in my view. Trivializing the situation by evoking empathy or by explaining that it's hard to write good software means nothing to me. I find those excuses absurd. Here's the deal: Apple released iOS 8 right after discovering a major problem in their HealthKit software. They pulled feature and pr [...]

31 10, 2013

Motorola Project Ara

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Motorola Project Ara Earlier in the year we took a look at Phonebloks, a customizable modular smartphone. As one of the best product concepts we’ve seen all year, it’s no surprise that Motorola teamed up with Phoneblok’s creators to make the project a reality. Introducing the Motorola Project Ara. This project could be really awesome, but we're not really sure it's practical. Keep in mind, there's a limit to how long you can use a connection before you have to move to something else. Apple used [...]

30 10, 2013

New Google Glass Hardware

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Google shows off updated Glass hardware with earbud and prescription support A day after inviting members of its Explorers program to swap their old frames for new ones, Google Glass is showing the world what the latest model looks like. In a post on Google+, the company shows a slightly modified version of Glass that includes a removable mono earbud. Google pulled the wraps off their new Google glass hardware update yesterday. All current Glass users will be eligible for a 1-time swap out to th [...]

30 10, 2013

Jim Dalrymple Reviews the iPad Air

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Review: iPad Air From the minute I picked up the iPad Air at Apple’s event in San Francisco last week, I knew it was going to be different. In Jim's typical fashion, he reviews the iPad Air and gives it extremely high marks. He generally rates Apple devices well, but we have to concede that this device just look beautiful. However, we're still holding off until the iPad mini with retina display is available to see how they compare. Having the same features in a smaller package with a retina disp [...]

16 06, 2013

A Reflection on Christian Marriage from Ephesians 5

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Signing the marriage license. Yes, this is a religious post... we do that every now and then. This is the reflection I shared at a wedding today. It was a great honor to officiate the wedding between two of my best friends. Here's the text I shared about Christian marriage. Since we’re here today to celebrate this marriage, I think it’s a great time to talk about what makes a good marriage in the eyes of God. He created marriage with grace so that we may extend His glory through our happiness. [...]