On the morning of January 2, 2016, I went to the hospital. I was 33 weeks pregnant and had some significant bleeding. The doctors determined I have a placental abruption, which means at least part of my placenta is beginning to detach. I didn’t realize the consequences of this at first, so I was hoping to be back home with my 14-month-old son in a few hours. However, the doctors informed me I would at least need to be there overnight. Overnight?! We have no family who lives in town to take care of my son, so we arranged for neighbors and friends to take shifts throughout the day. My husband finally went home that evening to put our son to bed. Then I found out I would have to be in the hospital for three entire days. My husband had to work two of those days, but my good friend was generous enough to take my son to her house and take care of him, along with her two kids. Okay, I just needed to get through the three days, and then I could go back home, raise my son, and prep for this baby.

Just 6 hours before I was to be discharged, I had another bleed at the hospital. Crap. It was the middle of the night, and they rushed me into labor and delivery. I did not know what was going to happen. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped and the baby girl in my belly was doing fine. I stayed there until noon, when I was allowed to eat and moved back to my normal room. Well, guess what? My stay at the hospital just got a lot longer. I had to stay another 5 days, at least. Now we were getting desperate. I called my mom, and she was generous enough to fly out to Denver and take care of our son.

Long story short, I got out of the hospital 5 days later. It was just enough time (36 hours) to be with my baby, go to church on Sunday morning, and have a fantastic date with my husband on Sunday night. Lo and behold, at 3am on Monday morning…more bleeding! Back to the hospital I go. This time, I am not allowed to leave until there is a baby girl in my arms. It’s been 18 days since I first came here, and we are scheduled to induce labor 9 days from now, if no other bleeds occur before then. Let me tell you, there were many negative emotions and aspects that I saw about being here so long. However, this post is meant to focus on the positives of being stuck in the hospital for an extended period of time.

10 Good Things about Being Stuck at the Hospital

  1. Every meal is cooked for me and brought straight to my bed. Then my dirty dishes are cleared away, and I don’t have to wash a thing.
  2. Someone comes to my room every day to change my sheets and make my bed for me.
  3. Every few hours, a kind nurse enters my room to ask how I’m doing and what I might need…fresh towels, a box of tissues, more ice water. They will pretty much do anything!
  4. My room is cleaned daily by a lovely woman who chats with me while she cleans.
  5. No dog or cat hair! Need I say more?
  6. No spiders! Again, no explanation necessary.
  7. Unlimited HGTV and TLC. We got rid of cable years ago, so I’m catching up on my favorite shows. (The Little Couple now has two kids?! I sure have missed a lot!)
  8. No chores. Since I’m not at home, I am not responsible for any laundry, dishes, or cleaning. It’s going to be quite the adjustment once I get back! Oh, and I’ll suddenly be a mom of two…nursing every 2-3 hours…with a toddler who will be adjusting to becoming a big brother. Yikes.
  9. Endless supply of ginger ale, popsicles, and Jell-O. Seriously, that fridge is FULL!
  10. Hours of free time to use my adult coloring book, take a nap, and catch up on some work that I can do remotely from my laptop.

As you can see, it’s not all bad. I am trying to focus on these good things to help me get through the days. My son also comes to visit for a couple hours every day. He is growing up and changing so fast these days, so I’m incredibly grateful to see him each afternoon. My husband also comes in the evenings to hang out with me and tell me about life. It’s nice to be able to spend some time together, just the two of us. It’s still hard each time my son or my husband have to leave and go back home, but I will soon have a baby girl in my arms and get to go home with them. Until then, I will continue counting down the days.

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Laura Carr
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