[amazon template=amazon embed&asin=B00KR62ZUA]After tonight’s Grammy win, I suspect Pentatonix will become a household name. They’re not for everyone, but no musician can deny their talent. I’ve been watching them for years. The world first saw them in NBC’s The Sing-Off Season 3. The five members met a day before the initial auditions and never performed together in public before the first show. I watched every episode just to see what they would arrange next. Pentatonix was miles ahead of the competition; to date, no Sing-Off competitor has even come close to this innovative sound. It’s an extremely rare example of someone doing something so well that no one else should even bother trying. Pentatonix is musical perfection. The Pentatonix Grammy win perfectly illustrates my obsession with their music. Their ability to arrange popular music into groundbreaking a capella is second to none. They’re also great at writing their own songs. I sound like a 13-year-old fangirl, but they really are that good. They were one of three artists to sell more than a million albums this year. The others were Sam Smith and Taylor Swift.

Pentatonix Grammy Win

A Daft Punk medley birthed the Pentatonix Grammy win. I’ve embedded the Spotify track; I’m a purist who prefers straight audio for something so good. I’ll put the YouTube video at the end of the post — it’s worth a view or two as it’s a wonderfully-edited videosong. If you’re going to listen to this track, make it loud. I’m actually listening to it on repeat with my studio headphones while working on this post. There’s so much going on in the track that volume matters — playing it loudly will help you hear the nuances of the arrangement. Avi’s bassline, Kevin’s beatbox, the silky-smooth vocals from everyone else… it’s mesmerizing.

All of their albums have been out for several months, so I’m not going to give this a full review at this point. Given the news of the Pentatonix Grammy win, I couldn’t hold my inner fangirl in check and had to share the news with everyone. If you haven’t heard of Pentatonix, take some time to check out their YouTube channel or listen to them Spotify. Here’s the video of the Daft Punk medley:

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