Avengers Age of Ultron – the only movie that could make more money than Star Wars in 2015 – launched its third trailer yesterday. It’s the best one to date. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s no better way to spend two minutes of your day. I proudly admit to watching it no less than a dozen times myself. Here you go:

What makes this trailer so great and better than it’s predecessors? It all boils down to story.

Enter Joss Whedon; he’s the mastermind behind the first Avengers movie and many other geek culture staples like Firefly and Buffy. Whedon possibly has the best ability in the business to balance levity with darkness. Whedon knows when to let a character brood, let loose, or laugh at themselves. Whedon’s characters are highly self-aware; they know they are giving one-liners, and it’s brilliant. His characters and stories become so real and relatable – nothing is always doom and gloom, but you can’t fix everything with a joke and a gun either.

This third trailer is all about rounding things out and letting us see more of the story and more character arcs. Captain America drops a passenger car off a bridge and later gives Thor a one liner after the requisite question to our villain Ultron, “Is that all you’ve got?” No. No, sir, it is not. We also see moments with Black Widow and Bruce Banner, implying romance is afoot.

Those in the audience not truly familiar with Ultron can even begin to understand his motivations. Ultron is not just a crazy robot; he has an agenda – to destroy the Avengers, who do technically pose a threat to peace. We begin to empathize with him and both sides of the feuding Avengers – we see that Stark actually started this mess. The Avengers’ heroics are a quintessential part of what’s tearing the world apart. This shows us their humanity. We don’t know what it’s like to use a hammer to fly – but we understand trying hard and failing miserably.

Marvel packed this trailer with lots of action, tons of Easter eggs, and more story than any other Avengers Age of Ultron trailer we’ve seen yet. If that wasn’t enough, Marvel’s trailers now have teasers at the end. If you haven’t seen the teaser, I won’t spoil it. Go watch it already.

If you need me, I’ll be in my bunk watching the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer.

Sean Caspian
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