After spending an hour in the game last night, I determined it’s impossible for us to maintain a reasonably professional reputation while supporting this game. I haven’t played the game in almost two years, but I forgot how reprehensible the game truly is. That said, we’ve deleted our GTA5 livestream from Twitch and will not add more in the future. We apologize to anyone we may have offended with our previous coverage or our decision to cancel future coverage.

How do I start a post about Grand Theft Auto V? Let’s start by scaring everyone off who shouldn’t be playing this game. Actually, that’s everyone… but there are still plenty of people willing to subject themselves to the vulgar, raunchy, trashy, and violent gameplay of the GTA series. It’s shocking to me that Grand Theft Auto V broke all the launch records for a video game. It grossed more than a billion dollars in the first 24 hours of sales. I honestly can’t say what attracts people to this franchise. Granted, it’s supposed to be a satirical take of our world (specifically Los Angeles, CA), as we know it. Maybe it hits close enough to home that some people identify with it? Maybe we’re all just twisted, terrible people? I truly don’t know.

That said, I will be live streaming the high-resolution PC version of Grand Theft Auto V starting tonight at 5pm Mountain on the eciov Twitch channel. Most of the time I spend in the game will be live-streamed to Twitch. However, I don’t think we’ll end up putting much of this game on our YouTube channel. We’ll be doing much more than gaming on the YouTube channel eventually. I don’t want to dirty our channel up with this kind of trash (even though it’s fun, right… right?). At this point, all our videos are clean. I’d like to keep it that way. If we do put any Grand Theft Auto V content on the YouTube channel, we’ll make sure to stay out of the strip clubs, try not to kill people, and try to bleep the profanity. Sigh. This game is so terrible. I even looked for a profanity filter for the game but gave up after the internet trolls laughed people offline. With the sex, drugs, stealing, killing, etc. in this game, they claim the profanity is the least of our problems. They’re probably right.

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Image via flickr by MrRiddell.

Josh Carr
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