Gamer GirlsGamer girls. The term sounds innocuous enough… until I say it to a gamer. You’ll likely then be on the receiving end of either diatribe – gamer girls are fake or male gamers are misogynists. Both arguments ironically lead to one thing: the marginalization of people who play video games. I usually ignore the drama of this cesspool debate and quickly move on to better, more civil content. That’s when I found this lovely illustration.

To me, this tattoo (I’m calling it a tattoo because someone needs to get this inked) speaks to the identity of the gamer person in a very real way. Our lovely lady here is not overly sexualized. She’s very real looking: someone you could easily see hanging out at a LAN party. The title over her is also “GAMER” – not female gamer. She simply happens to be a female who surrounds herself with some of the best gaming characters of all time. She’s also playing a Super Nintendo, arguably one of the best consoles in history, regardless of where fanboy tendencies have led us today.

This image moves us away from the refuse of men vs women in gaming and seems to state, “I’m a gamer, and this gamer don’t care what you think.” I would even guess that the tone of the message wouldn’t change if the artist used a male subject in such a beautiful landscape. It makes me smile every time I see it. It inspires me to create a better community.

I hope this image is prophetic of where we’re going as a gaming community. We must change our focus from proving or disproving someone’s worth, to simply celebrating the existence of the community and its members. I love knowing other people who get excited when they win a Starcraft match or get the next achievement in Arkham City. Gamers are an amazing group of people; we simply need to support each other. Our club is open to everyone. I’m more than happy to see new members enjoy the cool things we’ve passionately shared for decades.

Sean Caspian
Sean Caspian is a next-generation super hero disguised as a YouTube content creator. When he's not busy saving this world, you can bet he’ll have a controller in his hands saving a virtual world. Connect with Sean on his channel at