Honestly, I hate fish and pretty much all types of seafood. I’m more of a “groundfood” kind of guy — you know the stuff, it either grew out of or walked on top of the ground. Yeah, that’s my jam. I also like jam and I suppose that qualifies as groundfood because it’s either made from some fresh fruit or (and probably more likely) made from corn syrup and other stuff like artificial flavors. Anyways, back to the fish. I was told there’d be fish. Josh didn’t actually tell me there would be any fish but chances are good that if you’re reading this then you’re probably aware that TUAW has been shuttered.

Now let’s say that you are aware of TUAW’s untimely demise and let’s also say you’re wondering to yourself, “self, who is this guy rambling about fish and what does it have to do with me?” It doesn’t really have much to do with you specifically as much as it has to do with the fact that I’m somewhat holding you hostage until my Adderall kicks in and I get to the point.

A long time ago, I was given the opportunity to write for TUAW and it was then that I first met Josh. Two years later I stopped writing professionally where by “writing professionally” I mean “posting interesting things on the internet” rather than “documenting functional specifications and other boring stuff for people in fancy suits with lots of opinions” which is what I do now. The good news is that thanks to the power of Twitter, Josh and I stayed friends so when he decided to get more serious about eciov I decided to get serious about “posting interesting things on the internet” because I’m pretty sure my soul has been replaced with a fancy suit.

I can’t guarantee that what I put out there will be “interesting” to you but it will be to me. I definitely find technology to be interesting but that’s kind of a wide net to cast these days since pretty much everything is connected (pun intended) to technology. My iPhone and MacBook are probably my most-used pieces of tech. I’m also addicted to anything related to “high definition” (read: movies, television, and home theater). Moreover, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also confess to a raging love of cars and other things that go “vroom.”

All of that to say that I’m really excited to be a part of Josh’s vision for eciov and I look forward to sharing my interest with you as well as learning how to make jam.

Image by Marcelo César Augusto Romeo via flickr

Aron Trimble
Aron was born in Texas and never plans on leaving. Despite a Windows-only childhood, he purchased an iPod (his other MP3 players all failed) and quickly learned of the greatness of Apple hardware and software. He currently spends his days working for an energy company specializing in financial management software. In his free time Aron can be found reading the latest news, watching his latest Blu-ray purchase, or occasionally posting to this site. Passionate about technology, automotive culture, and the many communities around them, he also enjoys photography and is a self-diagnosed HD-addict.