Welcome to my altered state of reality. Don’t worry; there are no purple skies, random giant penguins, or dogs on bicycles. The dogs just drive trucks and cook hamsters. The world you’re about to enter is the direct result of replacing Ritalin with Mountain Dew, chlorine for a wrestling mat, and Michael Jackson for Metallica.

My Name is Ryan Sloan. I specialize in all things music, wrestling, and burritos. For the purposes of eciov, however, I will focus on the amazing world of music. You will find these reviews broken down to three categories: national acts, international acts, as well as local acts from around the United States. Through this, I will be able to shed light on both the mainstream and the underground in new ways.

There is great music in both worlds! It’s not all Taylor Swift and Kanye in the mainstream, nor is the underground just screaming doom metal. The beautiful thing about music is that it always serves a single, unifying purpose: to put money in Jay Z’s pocket. Okay, that is not true. It’s actually to entertain and to grant a release from reality. At the very least, music quickens the time spent in the most tedious of jobs.

To give some background on myself, I have been involved with music since the 4th grade. While I call myself a bassist, I have a longer history on the violin. It’s ancient history now, but it’s still longer. In the 8th grade, I discovered the album Razorblade Suitcase by Bush. Despite being a cliché ‘90s album, it was a moment of enlightenment for me. That enlightenment became near nirvana when I discovered Metallica. This led me to learning guitar, getting a small music scholarship, and moving to Colorado for school. It was there that I met Josh, founder of eciov, and a great friend.

As an extension of my love for music, I am highly passionate about local music. Not in the “I knew these guys before they were cool” fashion. That’s annoying. I hate being annoying. My passion for local music came from local musicians being passionate! That is not to say that national acts aren’t; far from it. I love local acts because they live in my back yard. Some of them have hopes and dreams of turning their music into a career at some level. Others are content to play for a few friends at a local bar. Either way, it is for the love of the art that they do what they do!

I should tell you, I am also one of these local musicians, but I have been going to local shows since before I was in bands. It is my second home. Because of this, I will also occasionally feature articles based on my experiences in local scenes. Generally, they will be about the cat herding that is the local band’s show. Look for them to be fictionalized commentaries rather than fuel for rumor mills.

Welcome to my altered state of reality. I’m terrible at ending these self-bio things. It always feels like I’m sapping it up. In reality, I just want you to feel welcome… especially if you have a gift card to a certain burrito place.

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Ryan Sloan
Ryan is a bassist and is reduced to single syllable words when hunger strikes. When he's not playing bass, he's probably not playing bass.