eciov is voice spelled backwards. You can call us voice if you want, but we all pronounce it “ee-see-ohv.”

We hope to be the voice of reason for our readers. This is a lifestyle and product recommendation website dedicated to finding the best in everything. We’re not here to break news. We don’t write about garbage. We focus all our efforts on providing our readers with useful, fun content that we enjoy. We do this because creating content — music, photography, writing, videos, etc. — makes us happy. We want to share the things we love with our readers. Whether that’s a new vinyl record or a kitchen gadget, we keep our readers engaged through a broad spectrum of topics. If it interests us, we write about it.

Our staff members are experts in their respective fields and give useful insights in every post. Everything we discuss here is important to us. Every product we recommend is part of our daily routine. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and care deeply about our readers.

Our Team

Josh Carr
Josh CarrEditor-in-Chief
Josh contributes to all categories
Laura Carr
Laura CarrEditor
Lifestyle, Baby, and Family Editor
Sean Caspian
Sean CaspianPodcast Host
GG Host and Gaming Author
Mac Evenstar
Mac EvenstarReviews Editor
Book Reviews Editor and Author
Elizabeth Vorass
Elizabeth VorassMusic Editor
Music and Photography Editor
Georgia Hoyer
Georgia HoyerAuthor
Photography and Lifestyle Author

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